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My Phd thesis is on sale on amazon

I wanted to play with Amazon’s seller side and the only thing I could reasonably put up for sale is my thesis, Exploring privacy for ubiquitous computing: Tools, methods and experiments (I, like many Finnish PhDs, have a stack of … Continue reading

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Resolving OS-X aliases

My external drive recently started making clicking noises instead of spinning up some of the time so I thought it would be a good time to buy a new one. I keep my photos on the external disk and manipulate … Continue reading

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E32DBMS (Symbian database) performance

(This is a brief overview – I did some measurements at G but never got round to ask permission to publish the data) Jaiku uses the Symbian databases heavily. All of the posts you see in the overview, by-author and … Continue reading

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Perl lexicals lifetime brokenness with nested anon subs

5.8.8 has a nasty bug in the lifetime of lexicals that are referenced in a closure that is nested within an anon sub (that doesn’t reference those lexicals). The first time the code creating the anon sub is executed the … Continue reading

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TCP is not reliable, it’s just ordered

I gave a talk last Sunday in the Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) 2007 on how Jaiku uses Jabber, aka XMPP, (Slides with notes, even if I don’t usually do that). I realized that there was this … Continue reading

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Errorhandling revisited

I’ve now gathered my writings on errorhandling to Read and comment.

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IntelliSense troubles

Since switching to a new laptop I’ve been using VS.NET (Visual Studio .NET) 2003 instead of good-old (bad-old?) VS6. That meant also switching to S60 SDK 2.1 from 2.0 for the ability to generate the right project files. After modifying … Continue reading

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Reusability: The puzzle of perl

I write a lot in perl. But I’m not really good at it. I neither know how to do error handling nor objects nor user-interfaces in it (something I at least know how to in C++ and VB). I think … Continue reading

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On developing ubicomp applications

(eating your own ubi-dog-food is not enough) Some three and a half years ago I was negotiating which research group to join, and got sold the idea of context-awareness. Somehow along the years it has got intrinsincly linked with ubiquitous … Continue reading

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No Killer App

They are all looking for The Killer App: 3G handset manufacturers and operators, ubiquitous computing researchers and context-awareness proponents. There isn’t any (or if there is, it’s hiding pretty well). The important thing is, that there doesn’t have to be. … Continue reading

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