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Underuse of operating system facilities

I think we typically underuse the capabilities provided by the operating system in modern programming environments. A lot of thought, design and engineering has gone into providing memory protection, resource management (including releasing resources), caching, debugging, communication abstraction and sandboxing … Continue reading

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On Error handling

I’m writing a paper on error handling in large-scale software development. It’s taken me quite some time to get my head around some of the issues. I think some of the currently accepted wisdom isn’t, which seems to be proven … Continue reading

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Typical day with Symbian

We want to add something like this: to the next version of ContextContacts. Me and Renaud have been working on it for a bit and today I thought I’d really get to the bottom of it. Here are my notes … Continue reading

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Epiphany on phone companies

So phone companies always suck. I never really thought about it, accepting that for one of the facts of life. The other day I finally got why: people actually want to use phones. It’s supply and demand: there is a … Continue reading

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