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IntelliSense troubles

Since switching to a new laptop I’ve been using VS.NET (Visual Studio .NET) 2003 instead of good-old (bad-old?) VS6. That meant also switching to S60 SDK 2.1 from 2.0 for the ability to generate the right project files. After modifying … Continue reading

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How do controls know when to redraw?

When writing the floating textbox (post below) I wondered: how does my control know that it should redraw itself? I’m not telling anybody I’ve created that control. Well, redrawing of windows is handled by the window server. If you create … Continue reading

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A floating, wordwrapped textbox

This is also available at at my Symbian code examples. I want to display hints in Merkitys-Meaning, as Opera does. Try to teach the user how to navigate and interact with the application. The first step is to build a … Continue reading

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