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3rd edition Qs

Here’s some of the things I have to figure out in the next couple of months, for porting ContextPhone/Merkitys/Jaiku to the 3rd edition. Can you get ReadDeviceData (or any other restricted capability) through the freeware signing? How do we access … Continue reading

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Stack size for RUNINSTALL, RUNREMOVE programs

Context_log runs as a system application (calling iEikonEnv->SetSystem(ETrue)). This means that the installer can’t shut it down (which could be considered more a bug than a feature, but nevermind). Instead, we run a small program at installation and removal time … Continue reading

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Errorhandling revisited

I’ve now gathered my writings on errorhandling to Read and comment.

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Jaiku launched!

The first beta of Jaiku is live! Run, don’t walk, to to get a real version of ContextContacts to run on your phone.

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