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Overriding built-in components

So we have struggled with FP3, trying to override built-in applications (FP3 changed the game: now all components are searched for first in ROM, and only then on disk). Today I realized that maybe it _shouldn’t_ be that easy to … Continue reading

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3rd Edition As, part II

Photos from the camera application can be ‘caught’ the same way as before: they just appear in the filesystem (under \data\image instead of \Nokia\Images, but that’s a minor point). The new camera app seems to automatically put them in subdirectories … Continue reading

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3rd edition A(nnoyance|nswer)s

Small things I’ve had to fix in the past few days: The value of EAknEnableSkin had changed. We had previously used a hardcoded value in the App Ui’s BaseConstructL call: BaseConstructL(0×1008), so we could compile on 2.0/2.1 and run correctly … Continue reading

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