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TCP is not reliable, it’s just ordered

I gave a talk last Sunday in the Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) 2007 on how Jaiku uses Jabber, aka XMPP, (Slides with notes, even if I don’t usually do that). I realized that there was this … Continue reading

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Forum Nokia FUD

Recently, I and some other people participated in a Forum Nokia Discussions thread on how to reboot the phone gracefully. I pointed out the undocumented SysStartup::ShutdownAndRestart() function with some example code, which was promptly removed. This sparked the following discussion … Continue reading

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Jaiku Mobile for S60 3rd ed. released!

For those of you living in a barrel, I’m posting here as well: the 3rd edition client for Jaiku has been officially released together with the new site! Go grab it from We actually had a signed version a … Continue reading

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