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Automated UI testing for Symbian – capturing visual output

Automated UI testing is annoying in general and Symbian doesn’t really provide anything to make it easier. There are many aspects to testing UIs, but one is testing the actual drawing and layout. A necessary conditions for such tests is … Continue reading

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A Forum Nokia Champion once again

I was one of the very first round of Forum Nokia Champions in 2006. Last year (in the autumn of 2008) I was not re-selected, which is pretty understandable as I had not done anything externally visible since joining Google … Continue reading

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Symbian programming pages updated for 3rd edition

I finally updated the Symbian Programming pages for 3rd edition. The major update is that the source code pointers now point at the Jaiku S60 client (rather than the old ContextPhone sources), which is fully ported to 3rd ed. After … Continue reading

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