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Example SConstruct for googletest + tip on UI tests

This slots into a project based on hello_openc from scons_symbian import * target = “googletest_main” targettype = “exe” libraries = ['libstdcpp', 'libc', 'euser'] # Static libs staticlibs = ['libcrt0.lib'] uid3 = 0xA0001314 sources = ['../src/googletest_main.cpp', '../../../third_party/googletest/src/', '../../../third_party/googletest/test/'] includes = [‘../data’, … Continue reading

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Heap/leak checking googletest tests

Leak checking is part of good programming practice (as leaked objects normally point to bugs in general). Symbian has its leak checking macros, but they aren’t completely trivial to use with Googletest (googletest has been designed with a whole-program reachability-based … Continue reading

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Googlemock 1.4.0 works on Symbian!

Googlemock – arguably the best C++ mocking framework now works on Symbian (winscw and gcc-e – I haven’t tried rvct). Although I’m obviously biased I really recommend it for all your mocking needs. Requires a recent OpenC. If you have … Continue reading

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