Symbian rant no 3

And one more thing: there should be a way to report real bugs
and problems. Symbian used to have a _support_ forum when they
were still Psion. Nowadays there is no way you can make contact
with actual Nokia or Symbian employees without having to pay
at least the 3000 EUR for Forum Nokia Pro - which you really
don't know what you can get from. And they all require a
bleedin' NDA: how do I share my knowledge with other researchers
if I sign an NDA!?

I would really like answers to things like why does the emulator
panic with DComm-wins 2 if I try to talk with a serial port
either via ETEL or directly through C32? Is it not supposed to
work, or could I make it work with the right tweaks. If I could,
then I could at least test some of my data-call code on the emulator,
instead of having to do a five minute compile-install-run cycle
for every little change.

I can remember contacting Microsoft about a drawing bug in IE that
was breaking our intranet app. I got an actual person on the line,
and although these calls are supposed to cost, their attitude
was that they _first_ look at it, and only charge if it turns
out not to be a bug. So it didn't get fixed in the end, but at
least we could then point our clients to a statement from MS
that said it was their fault.

I know of several bugs on Nokia devices. I would think that there
are somewhere in that organization people who care about such
things. There is just no way for me to reach them. Even the
list of bugs fixed in new firmware versions is 'non-public' so
you don't know whether upgrading would help. And there's a real
possibility of the upgrade breaking things.

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2 Responses to Symbian rant no 3

  1. Artem says:

    You can exchange your knowledge by posting code samples to ;) Or by opening up all your code to Google, as you do it already.

    As from the serious side: lately it looks like quite many nokia developers are reading and replying on forum nokia discussion boards. It is by no mean an official support (with the exception of the Python section?), but chances are that you’d get a real answer there

  2. Mika says:

    Well, the point was that I can _either_ share my experiences _or_ get support, since all support options come with an NDA.