Fighting my way through WINSCW builds

I’ve been trying to set up a reasonable build environment with scons-for-symbian (huge thanks to Jussi Toivola for that) where I can get unit tests running quick enough.

If you ever do something wrong with the builds you are truly on your own. These are the errors from yesterday and today:

-1 on application start after hitting E32Main: wrong uid in exe vs. resource file (I _did_ have the correct uid in the SConstruct but it was not quoted and somehow that dropped the last digit from it – need to see if I can fix that)

-20 on exe start: linked against both openc++ and estlib, both E32Main and main()

Thread c32exe.exe::ESock_IP Panic KERN-EXEC 3: running in CodeWarrior I could see that it was a stack overflow – scons actually sets a stack limit on winscw which is respected when running standalone EXEs and a 20k stack is _not_ enough on WINSCW – the Symbian default is 1MB.

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