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3rd edition Qs

Here’s some of the things I have to figure out in the next couple of months, for porting ContextPhone/Merkitys/Jaiku to the 3rd edition. Can you get ReadDeviceData (or any other restricted capability) through the freeware signing? How do we access … Continue reading

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Stack size for RUNINSTALL, RUNREMOVE programs

Context_log runs as a system application (calling iEikonEnv->SetSystem(ETrue)). This means that the installer can’t shut it down (which could be considered more a bug than a feature, but nevermind). Instead, we run a small program at installation and removal time … Continue reading

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IntelliSense troubles

Since switching to a new laptop I’ve been using VS.NET (Visual Studio .NET) 2003 instead of good-old (bad-old?) VS6. That meant also switching to S60 SDK 2.1 from 2.0 for the ability to generate the right project files. After modifying … Continue reading

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How do controls know when to redraw?

When writing the floating textbox (post below) I wondered: how does my control know that it should redraw itself? I’m not telling anybody I’ve created that control. Well, redrawing of windows is handled by the window server. If you create … Continue reading

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A floating, wordwrapped textbox

This is also available at at my Symbian code examples. I want to display hints in Merkitys-Meaning, as Opera does. Try to teach the user how to navigate and interact with the application. The first step is to build a … Continue reading

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Symbian FAQs

I’ve added a collection of replies to e-mails and newsgroups postings to my Symbian programming tips.

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Symbian rant no 4

zg wrote: > “Vesa Suontama” wrote: > >> For a cross platform developer, the mobile world just does not seem so >> happy for the Symbian camp. The rest of the world is trying to make >> coding more easy … Continue reading

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Symbian rant no 3

And one more thing: there should be a way to report real bugs and problems. Symbian used to have a _support_ forum when they were still Psion. Nowadays there is no way you can make contact with actual Nokia or … Continue reading

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Symbian rant, no 2

Sander van der Wal wrote: > > What do you thing Symbian/Nokia/SonyEricsson/Motorola etc > must do to improve the Symbian development environment? > Better docs, better development environment, better > software components? Well, yes, everything. The phones need to be … Continue reading

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Symbian rant, no 1

(I’m reposting these from discussion.epoc.C++, since it’s not available on the net) I’ve now programmed Symbian for three years, and have an extended (150 KLOC) codebase that does various fairly complex things (a client-server blackboard, serialization framework, network protocol implementations, … Continue reading

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