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Farewell to this blog

I no longer write Symbian code, work as a CS researcher and might not even be quite as angsty as before. I’ve written a post-mortem on the technology that was Symbian. New blog posts will live on my new blog. … Continue reading

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Inspecting UI state / windows /controls on Symbian

On Win32 and other windowing systems you can walk the window tree and ask windows for their type, state, contents etc. On Symbian there is no such built-in introspection. However, it is possible to get access to a lot of … Continue reading

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Symbian HTTP POST and KErrCorrupt

This is something I guess everybody who writes a HTTP POST using MHTTPDataSupplier goes through… (at least that’s what it looks like on the forums). I didn’t find a clear answer so I thought I’d write it down myself. GetNextDataPart() … Continue reading

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Example SConstruct for googletest + tip on UI tests

This slots into a project based on hello_openc from scons_symbian import * target = “googletest_main” targettype = “exe” libraries = ['libstdcpp', 'libc', 'euser'] # Static libs staticlibs = ['libcrt0.lib'] uid3 = 0xA0001314 sources = ['../src/googletest_main.cpp', '../../../third_party/googletest/src/', '../../../third_party/googletest/test/'] includes = [‘../data’, … Continue reading

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Heap/leak checking googletest tests

Leak checking is part of good programming practice (as leaked objects normally point to bugs in general). Symbian has its leak checking macros, but they aren’t completely trivial to use with Googletest (googletest has been designed with a whole-program reachability-based … Continue reading

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Googlemock 1.4.0 works on Symbian!

Googlemock – arguably the best C++ mocking framework now works on Symbian (winscw and gcc-e – I haven’t tried rvct). Although I’m obviously biased I really recommend it for all your mocking needs. Requires a recent OpenC. If you have … Continue reading

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Automated UI testing for Symbian – capturing visual output

Automated UI testing is annoying in general and Symbian doesn’t really provide anything to make it easier. There are many aspects to testing UIs, but one is testing the actual drawing and layout. A necessary conditions for such tests is … Continue reading

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Symbian programming pages updated for 3rd edition

I finally updated the Symbian Programming pages for 3rd edition. The major update is that the source code pointers now point at the Jaiku S60 client (rather than the old ContextPhone sources), which is fully ported to 3rd ed. After … Continue reading

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Fighting my way through WINSCW builds

I’ve been trying to set up a reasonable build environment with scons-for-symbian (huge thanks to Jussi Toivola for that) where I can get unit tests running quick enough. If you ever do something wrong with the builds you are truly … Continue reading

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E32DBMS (Symbian database) performance

(This is a brief overview – I did some measurements at G but never got round to ask permission to publish the data) Jaiku uses the Symbian databases heavily. All of the posts you see in the overview, by-author and … Continue reading

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