My application works in the emulator but won't start on the phone

You had a different UID for the app in TestApp.h and the mmp/pkg files.
When running from VC, a package doesn't get build or installed, so that
doesn't show. After correcting the UID the app works on the phone.

You can test whether there is a problem in the code or in the
installation files by making an installation SIS for the WINS platform
and installing it, thus mimicking the normal installation process. To do
this, you'll need to:
	- ABLD BUILD WINS UREL (or UDEB, if so desired)
	- create a different PKG file (example attached)
	- makesis <package file>
	- copy results SIS to
	- install it by starting the emulator (release/debug) and going
	  to Configuration|App Ctrl
and now running it should show errors if the installation is wrong (you
can try this with your app as it is, it should show 'System Error' in
the emulator as well).

Did you change the UID manually?