Tracking interaction with other application


fundamental question: after reading the documentation, it seems to me
> that collecting context information is only possible with special
> applications like ContextPhone, ContextContacts and ContextMedia. Is
> this true, or is there a way to receive information about the user
> interaction with arbitrary applications on the phone? E.g., we would
> like to collect data about when and how often the user pressed certain
> keys independently of the currently used application.


You are basically right. Symbian does not have a similar level of
introspection (window enumeration, event filtering) as, say, windows.

You _can_ capture key presses, but it may be difficult to correctly model
the user interaction from them (for example a keypress might go to a
pop-up dialog from the phone itself instead of the app you think the
user is using).

For shorter periods it might be possible to do frequent screengrabs when
the phone is being used, and use those together with keycapture. It'll
need manual analysis, though. You'd probably want to just store
differences from capture to capture.

None of these two are supported in ContextPhone, they'll have to be
written by you.