Implementing setting dialog


Has nobody ever done this? I'm a bit stuck with this...
To put it shortly, how do you implement a settings box using avkon view
architecture? Do you implement a new view for this box, or just use the one
in? (and what do you do with the controls which are shown in the current


We have a settings list in a view based application. What we do
is to have a normal view, derived from CAknView and have a container
derived from CAknSettingItemList (from derives at some point from CCoeControl, methinks). Then you just activate/deactivate the
view as necessary.

You can have a look at the code via, the files are
SettingsView.h and SettingsView.cpp . (If reading the whole
thing, there are a number of structured but complex relationships
between that code, the .rss, and our settings framework).