Running an app compiled for ARM on the emulator


I begin in symbian with a SE P800 and I search how it's possible to run .app on a PC.  To debug i.e. or to disassemble.  Can you help me ?  It's very impossible to find that in internet and I ask me how to test, to modify, ... .app.


If you mean running an app compiled for the phone on a PC, that's not
possible. The 'emulator' doesn't emulate the target platform, it is
another platform that the code has to be compiled for separately.

If you have the code, just get the SDK, compile for the emulator and off
you go.

If you want to run/disassemble somebody elses app that you can't get
source for it's more problematic. Basically you have some options:
	- run it under a debugger on the target device
	(you won't have the symbols, so this'll be quite an
	- disassemble the code on a PC with an ARM disassembler.
	You'll need something that understands the executable 	format used on
Symbian. Look around for a good disassembler.

What are you trying to do?