Diverting calls


> I have read the ETel API , however, it cannot achieve the purpose of
> call forwarding(divert), because it seems that call forwarding does
> not use the ETel to do that .


(Note: you can get etelmm headers and LIBs from the A925 SDK)

 wouldn't count on this being possible on 7.0s with the public SDK.

RAdvGsmLine (etelagsm.h) includes functions for setting call forwarding,
but it is probably not supported on 7.0s. The old Etel (of 6.1) was
replaced with the multimode etel on 7.0(s) which is not available. Some
of the old functionality is still available via some kind of wrappers
that call the new multimode stuff.

You have a couple of options:
	- use 6.1 (Series 60 v1) (7650, 3650, original n-gage)
	- use P800/P900 (UIQ 2.1) where the multimode functions
	are available (with a little digging)
	- try to get the etelmm.lib for Series 60 v2. This should
	at least be available to Platinum partners - ~5000 USD/year,
	but of course Nokia might have made changes of their own
	that are only available by license from Nokia

The bad thing with applying for partnership is that a) you need quite a
lot of money b) your code cannot be used by others that are not partners
(since in addition to not having the libs and headers, the partnership
materials probably come with an NDA).

Go get a Linux-based mobile instead  :-)