> are my last hope, as I have not been able to get a straight answer out
> of anyone, including symbian and the forums.  The RSharedDataClient,
> that has been used for accessing/updating the idle 
> If you have any further information, about this API's accessibility,
> it would be greatly appreciated.  We only need the ability to change
> that background idle image at will based on user approved input,
> perhaps you have a better idea achieving this?


Hi, no worries, this information is not exactly easy to come by. So: the
shared data client is not a _Symbian_ API, but a Series 60 (Nokia) one
(the headers are (c) Nokia). That's why you won't find any reference to
it in the Symbian docs.

Sadly I don't know how easy it is to get access to it from Nokia. If you
join their Forum Pro program (which may take a while and costs a couple
of thousand) you can _ask_ for information on non-public APIs via a
support request. They may then
a) give that access
b) tell you it will not be given
c) tell you to make a convincing case for it being given to you

So you should talk to Nokia, but you don't get any guarantees. 

(I think this functionality will be part of the publish-subscribe
mechanism (RProperty) in Series 60 v3. There the API will probably be
open, but will require some capabilities, which to get you need to have
your app signed)

I think you can successfully reverse-engineer headers from the LIBs and
dump the text  files from the phone to list the keys and value names; to
the best of my understanding there is nothing illegal about this. I
don't know what the Symbian Signed test requires, I would assume that
using non-public APIs as such is not a problem, but automating
activities they think should be under strict user control may be.