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SID player for Series60 v2

Updated Oct 3rd 2005. This page describes a MMF plugin written by me that supports Commodore 64 SID music files on Series 60 v2 devices, such as the 6600. There is a newer version that works on at least my 6630 as well, try that if you have problems with the plain one. There are reports of it working on a 7710 and 9500.


The SidController code is based on the Symbian OggVorbisController example and is distributed under the Symbian Example Code License.

The sidplay library was originally written by Michael Schwendt, ported to EPOC by Alfred E. Heggestad and modified for OOM by me. This library is licensed under the GPL.

(And you are right: this does conflict. If any of the copyright holders of sidplay tell me to, I'll pull this out.)


To play SID tunes standalone or as ringtones, download and install from sid/.

To install SID tunes as ringtones, send them to phone (via Bluetooth/MMS/Infrared/whatever), open from the Messaging application and select Save in the Recorder.

Source code

The source code is in two files (only the 6600 version at the moment):

  1. sid/esidplay.zip
  2. sid/sidcontroller.zip

You should be able to find out how to build them quite easily. The libsidplay should be built first, then SidController.

Mika Raento, mikie(at)iki.fi