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Symbian Programming - Using TBtreeFix

There is not a lot in the way of data structures available in Symbian, but there is at least a B+-tree. The library's not too hard to use, but the documentation is quite sparse. Here I show how to use the TBtreeFix, which is for fixed-size items. Using TBtree is left as an exercise to the interested reader.

I implemented a class that allows storing of void*, indexed with integers. The class is defined in two files symbian_tree.h and symbian_tree.cpp. Additionally you need some supporting definitions pointer.h, symbian_auto_ptr.h (by Sander van der Wal), store.h and types.h.

You should be able to figure out how to use TBtreeFix from the code.

Mika Raento, mikie(at)iki.fi